15 destinations around the world for Filipino travelers

There are many amazing cities around the world which are perfect for backpackers, but I chose these 15 cities, ideal for Filipino travelers, based on my experience of the ease of getting visas and the low cost of sightseeing there. You may also want to check with local offices of the countries or travel resources for more detailed information.

When planning a low budget backpacking trip, it’s important to find the right balance of price and experience – if you become preoccupied with budgeting too low, then you could miss out on some great experiences for the sake of a few extra dollars. If you don’t budget enough, then you could run out of cash in the first week and cut your epic journey extremely short. It’s a bit of a tightrope!

During our around-the-world journey, we usually try to spend maximum of $25 per day in each place we’re going. This includes accommodation, food, general day-to-day activities, but not long-distance transportation in between major destinations.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re out there in the world to see new things, meet new people, learn life lessons and have the experience of a lifetime, so whatever your budget, make the most of every second!

Money-saving tips:

  • For the other types of hotels, try not to book more than one night’s accommodation online, as prices are usually VERY negotiable on arrival!
  • Use land transport wherever possible rather than flights. NIght buses in particular will save you time and extra money on hotels!
  • Step away from the tourists trail! Find cheaper food, clothes, activities and souvenirs by daring to explore outside of the main tourist and backpacker areas. Making friends with locals, or Couchsurfing is a fantastic way to do this.

Hoi An, Vietnam

All photos provided by Kach Medina

  • Visas For Filipinos: 21 day Free visa on arrival- land crossing or flying in.
  • Backpacking Cost: $10 – $15/ day

Vietnam is one of the best countries for backpackers to visit nowadays – from incredible food, cheap hostels, great beer, all infused with a rich yet sometimes turbulent history and time-honored traditions.

Hoi An is perfect for relaxing strolls through the historic city, soaking up all of the local culture and atmosphere. With over 460 tailors, it’s also the go-to destination for tailored suits, outfits and even shoes at prices that would make shopping in even India look expensive!

With so many people from surrounding areas migrating to Hoi An, you can also find a huge variety of special dishes from different regions. Some dishes that are not to be missed are Bahn My, Bun Cha, Nem, Cau Lao, Com Ga and Mi Quang and a lot more for as little as $1-3 per meal!

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